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***This page is no longer updated as all of our news is now posted through social media***



Jan 2018: PRESS RELEASE: See Something, Send Something app to revolutionize crowdsourcing with geofence notifications


Jan 2018: Sarasota man creates app to help residents quickly get information to law enforcement 


Feb 2018: Sarasota man connects citizens and law enforcement with new app


Feb 2018: See Something, Send Something now used in Mississippi


Feb 2018: New app allows police, community members to communicate


Feb 2018: PRESS RELEASE: FL Governor requests See Something, Send Something type app for all schools


March 2018: New app helps people report suspicious activity

April 2018: Hagerstown Police Chief Brito unveils new cellphone app


May 2018: Hagerstown crimes, tips now can be reported through app


May 2018: Police urge the public to get their new app


May 2018: PRESS RELEASE: Hagerstown Police Urge Public to Get the See Something, Send Something app


June 2018: PRESS RELEASE: Two Agencies in NE Work Hand-in-Hand Against Crime Using Start of the Art App


June 2018: Crime tip app adds facial recognition


June 2018: PRESS RELEASE: Washington County Sheriff Joins HPD With Tip Management, Two-Way Communication App


June 2018: New crime fighting app


June 2018: PRESS RELEASE: Guadalupe Police Chief Sees Need for Smart Device App


July 2018: PRESS RELEASE: Cocoa Police Go Live With Crime Fighting App


July 2018: This app lets you send anonymous tips, photos to Rockport police


July 2018: Local police department partners with app to help fight crime


August 2018: Sheriff, Police Chief hopeful app will help with school safety


August 2018: PRESS RELEASE: Raider Report App Goes Live at Habersham County Schools, Includes See Something, Send Something Technology


August 2018: School Safety Advocacy Council, Partners with See Something, Send Something


August 2018: Buffalo county law enforcement, area schools partner up for students' safety app


August 2018: Police to Launch Digital Reporting App: See Something, Send Something




September 2018: NBC - Local law enforcement promote See Something, Send Something app


September 2018: See Something, Send Something offers two-way communication


September 2018: School safety app launched in south-central Nebraska


September 2018: Sarasota app takes on National 'See Something, Say Something' Awareness Day


October 2018: A National Movement and a National App Join Forces to Educate, Empower Trafficking Victims


October 2018: Washington County Board of Education recommends See Something, Send Something app

October 2018: 'See Something Send Something' app launched for Martin County schools


October 2018: New geofence technology adding valuable security layer


October 2018: PODCAST: Dr. Bello discusses the See Something, Send Something app bridge to More Too Life movement with Joe Miller, Washington Tech Policy Podcast


November 2018: Methuen Police Department  chooses See Something, Send Something app as part of grant

November 2018: Campus Police armed with See Something, Send Something app

November 2018: Belle Plaine Police (MN) to Roll Out Crime Fighting App​

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