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App Financing

Entrepreneurs of all ages, across the country have great app ideas but don't always have the funding to see it through.  Far too many great apps get delayed, shelved or undeveloped because of upfront costs, high hourly rates and open ended development quotes.  Our CEO liquidated his retirement fund to develop the 'See it, Send it app' so we understand the challenges of going from table napkin to viral downloading.

legal pad.jpg

CEO Kevin Angell's first drawing of the See it, Say it, Send it app on a yellow legal pad in early 2017 while traveling.  With very little available funding, Kevin sought out three development teams before liquidating all of his retirement and hiring an in-house team located Virginia.  Kevin's dream lead to a national roll-out in schools, airports, law enforcement agencies and communities in 19 states as of the end of 2018.  Angell understands the challenges of funding an app and wants to help.

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