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Our Patent

We saw the need to protect and preserve the combination of crowdsourcing (gather evidence, data, and information from a group) with geofencing (the use of a smart device's location-based services) technology and its use in law enforcement and school security. 


Our legal team spent dozens of hours documenting our web portal, our applications, our database, and each individual and combined technology use in the field of law enforcement and school safety.  The performed the tedious task of lengthy patent search before filing a 20-page report with screenshots, diagrams and our specific use case.


We sought this process not to prevent competition or others from attacking the market but to protect the legitimacy and integrity of our product while encouraging others to seek that same standard of excellence.


Our patent and technology combined also allow us to submit as a Sole Source when government agencies are looking for a specific platform with specific features.  Below is a copy of our provision patent.  A sole source letter specific to your agency can be generated by our staff within twenty-four hours notice.

Provisional Patent
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